Saturday, July 11, 2009

Get Out! (Leisure & Travel)

In a quiet Mapuche town, two clumsy men and their emperor wait for the results of a war the town is fighting against the Vorogas. The haughty and intellectual emperor talks to the men about the power of words and the impossibility of translation between languages. Written by César Aira, the play deals with misunderstandings, discrimination and otherness. According to director of the play, Ita Scaramuzza, Aira’s work is focused on analyzing language by making use of parodies. Aira explores the relationship between the emperor and his subjects, and how a man can exercise his power by mastering the world of semantics and syntax and its unlimited possibilities.Where & whenSaturdays at 11pm, Sundays at 7pm. Espacio Cultural Pata de Ganso (Zelaya 3122, Abasto, 4862-0209).

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